Home Maintenance

Is Your Home - & Your Insurance Coverage - Ready for Severe Weather?

We've definitely had some unusual and severe weather this summer, with the most extreme being the EF-1 tornado that hit Concord just over a week ago. With winds of over 100 miles per hour, the storm cut a path of destruction including damage to 39 homes, scores of downed trees, branches, and power lines leaving more than 1,000 residents [...]

22 Tips for Decorating or Staging Your Home

This is a time of year when many people are moving into new homes, preparing their home for sale, or just looking to update and refresh the rooms where they currently live — which can sometimes feel like an overwhelming and confusing task. This is one of the favorite topics of our friend and interior design expert Laura Bullock. Here are her [...]

Aging in Place: Tips to Make Your Home Safe + Welcoming for All Guests

As I work with clients and their families and we're living longer, one thing I'm hearing over and over again is people want to stay in their homes, their communities and close to their families as long as possible. In fact, the 2015 nationwide National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey found that 13% of buyers purchased a [...]

Spring Cleaning + Organizing Hacks

After an early start, it feels like spring is stalling a bit, but never fear — it is officially here! The longer days make me long to switch out of winter mode into spring and summer mode. And while the extra sunshine is energizing, the thought of “spring cleaning” can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d turn to our in-house experts for some [...]