Farmer's Markets near Bedford, MA

It's that time of year again when you can visit your local farmer's market and bring home an abundance of fresh, locally-grown veggies, organic meat, fish and cheeses, local honey, fresh-baked breads and desserts, and my favorites are the ones that include local wine and hard cider [...]

Great dining now available north of Boston!

As much as I love living in Bedford, one of the downsides for many years was having to fight traffic and pay outlandish prices for parking in Boston to enjoy a nice dinner someplace that wasn't a chain restaurant. While that's been slowly changing, we seem to have reached a critical mass with a wave of creative chefs fleeing the high rents [...]

Review of Helen's Restaurant, Concord MA

There's just something about the heat and humidity of summer that finds my family ordering more take-out or eating in restaurants more often -- we just can't bring ourselves to cook! And while I enjoy the break from the kitchen, I do worry about how this effects our health as well as our budget. One local place that helps us stay on track on [...]