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Green Living Tips

With the recent attention on Earth Day, I've been thinking about the things I do to care not only for my family, but also for the home we all share -- the Earth. And while I recycle everything I can, read labels when I shop, and look for opportunities to buy local and pesticide-free, I really appreciate other moms like Lori Alper who really dig into the issues and help me to stay informed about what's going on. She was recently featured on ABC World News in response to the FDA's refusal to ban BPA. After learning of this issue, my shopping habits have definitely changed, particularly when it comes to items for my daughter. Lori shares suggestions on how to avoid BPA in her post and I enc ourage you to check it out to inform your healthy food choices. And while you're on her blog, be sure to also read the posts on kid-friendly crafts with recycled materials and how to buy safe seafood -- great stuff! Thanks, Lori!