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Bedford Prom Stroll

prom-strollBig hair and traffic alert!

Where else but in Bedford do all of the high school seniors gather in their finery before the prom for a class picture and leisurely stroll before throngs of admiring family and residents? No place that I know of, which is just one of the many things that makes me love Bedford so much!

They started the prom stroll a few years after I graduated, so I never got to personally experience it as a prom-goer, but I look forward to it every year now. Back in my day, we just took pictures at someones house, usually in the backyard. I can barely remember where my senior prom was! And I won't say what year it was, but I will say the styles have changed dramatically since then!!

If you'd like to join in, the fun begins Tue, June 4 as the seniors arrive at the Bedford Town Common at 4:30pm, the class photo is at 5pm and then the show, um...I mean stroll begins.

And if you just want to get home without sitting in standstill traffic, be sure to avoid Great Road and South Road and any of the streets leading toward the Town Common during this time!

Anyone up for a prom stroll party on the porch of my office next year? Lemme know and we'll start planning!