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Falmouth Road Race: Thoughts That Keep Me Running

inspirationI want to start out by saying how grateful I am for the extraordinary good health I and my family enjoy -- I'm reminded each day of what a blessing that is. AND it's been really hard to come back physically from Wesley's birth in March. Signing up for the Falmouth Road Race seemed like a great goal to get me motivated and in shape, I just wasn't expecting that something that used to come so easily (running), would now be so hard!

Just last week I completed a 4 mile run and I need to double that by Sunday! So each day I set a goal, do the best I can, and strive to go just a little beyond. And it's been fascinating to see that show up in my daughter. June loves to play in the water even though she has been afraid to put her face under, which makes it tough to really swim. So last week, she told me she wasn't leaving the pool until she could put her face under water. We started out just blowing bubbles, and before I knew it, she was swimming a beautiful freestyle across the pool -- I am SO proud of her! I'm reminded what a great feeling it is to set a goal and then exceed it, and am humbled that I have passed that along to my beautiful daughter.

I'm also inspired by my friends and family members who have been or are currently in treatment for cancer. They lived the reality of setting vital goals for each day and then moving forward step by step towards their fulfillment. If they can take a stand for life each day, then I can run to support them.

So these are thoughts that will keep me running throughout this week and Sunday. Please share what inspires you and any tips you have to keep going. And if you're moved and able to support my financial goal for the race, please contribute on my personal Dana Farber page.

Thanks and my best wishes for good health for all!