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Updating Historic Homes

home-updatesOne of the biggest challenges for buyers is walking into a home and picturing it as their own. And that can be particularly difficult if the home's last update was several decades ago or done in a style not to the buyer's taste -- an issue we encounter frequently with the high number of historic homes in the Bedford area. Which is why I'm sharing this link of an update of a 1950s home, with before and after photos.

As long as I've been doing this, I still love looking at before and after photos -- it trains my vision for what's possible when I look at a new property and it also provides inspiration for my own home improvement projects! Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest impact, like the new mantel and re-painted shelves in the living room or a different color and new hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen. What small update or change have you found makes a big impact in your home?

See you in the aisles of Home Depot!