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The Top 10 Reasons to Work with a Buyer's Agent

buyers-agentWith real estate information so readily available on the Internet and in the newspaper, many people assume they can save money by not working with a buyer's agent when they're looking for a house. Especially in this competitive market, I'm here to tell you that couldn't be further from the truth.

I'm honored to have two fabulous buyer's agents on my team and, while I could certainly give you my take, I asked Suzanne & Co. lead buyer specialist Jessica Clark for her thoughts, and here are her top ten reasons to work with a buyer's agent for your home purchase. Jessica, take it away!


1.)  It's like having your very own "General Contractor" to oversee the whole process. I will guide you through the home search, offer process, home inspections, contingencies, purchase and sales, financing, etc.

2.)  Find the right home faster. Access to all listings in MLS that match your search criteria as soon as they become available. It can take 24-48 hours for properties to feed onto third party sites, like Trulia and Zillow.  Having access to MLS through me gives you a leg up on the competition.  It allows you to see new homes and new price reductions before other house hunters.

3.)  Undivided loyalty. As your agent I will be working for you and only you.  I focus all my energy on working with buyer clients so there will NEVER be a situation that becomes blurred due to my relationship with the sellers.

4.)  Reasonable Care. I will always do what is right for you and I always follow industry rules and regulations.

5.)  Full Disclosure. I will disclose anything that may sway your mind in purchasing your new home. Seller's agents only need to disclose know material defects with the actual home. They do not need to disclose items such as nearby super fund sites, new development plans in the area, or upcoming changes to traffic patterns. As your buyer's agent I will disclose EVERYTHING about the home and surrounding area that I can dig up.

6.)  Top notch negotiation skills. I will work to get you the best house for the best price and terms.

7.)  Save money. I will do a Comparative Market Analysis on every home you are interested in to ensure you are not overpaying for the property.

8.)  A solid reputation. My reputation is of utmost importance. Please feel free to ask me for references.

9.)  Local Relationships. I have worked with many of the local area Realtors and have great relationships with them.

10.)  Local Resources. I consider my clients to be clients for life. I have a network of highly recommended local professionals from movers to painters to contractors that I am always happy to pass along.

Thinking of buying? Please contact me with any questions or to start looking for your next home!

Jessica-199x300Jessica Clark, Realtor | Keller Williams Realty | Team Suzanne & Co. | 978-985-0123

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