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Reflections on Mother's Day

mothers-dayThis post is based on one I published last May -- It still captures my thoughts and feelings perfectly and I just can't think how to update or improve it. Enjoy!

As I pause a moment to catch my breath (what a crazy spring!) and reflect, I can't believe Mother's Day was this past Sunday!! After a couple of family trips to Florida this spring and the joy of watching both my kids growing in amazing and surprising ways, I'm especially attuned to my mommy vibes and I want to take a moment to share my respect and admiration for mothers everywhere. And not just the biological moms -- I extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who reaches out a kind hand to nurture, guide and protect our children.

I think of my mom and all of the sacrifices she made for her family, and for me personally. No offense to the dudes, but we moms have this multi-tasking thing down to a science -- running a business or going to work while coordinating play dates, doctor's appointments, soccer games and dance lessons and keeping the house (mostly) clean -- all while supporting our loving husbands and our extended family. Whew -- I'm making myself tired just thinking about it all!

And in an interesting way, I'm grateful for the way being a mother has impacted my business. One of the things I enjoy most is nurturing others, helping them get what they need, solving problems, smoothing the way -- in essence providing the advice I'd want someone to share with me. As I work with my clients, I find that not only are many of them fellow moms, but through the time we spend together I end up becoming part of their families as a trusted sister to the parents and a sometimes kooky "auntie" to the kids!

I am humbled and privileged to engage in work that is so fulfilling and gratifying and to work with such extraordinary people every day. THANK YOU!

In a way, we're all mothers. I wish you a blessed and delightful day.

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