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Celebrating New Year Memories

New Year's is a time to reflect, rejoice and ring in the new! At Suzanne & Company, 2014 brought us great success and more importantly an even greater team! We are all looking forward to 2015 - growing and building together as a team! As we say goodbye to one great year and move into a brighter one, we wanted to share with you how each of us celebrates! What are you doing New Year's? *** When our kids were little we used to have New Year's Eve with friends and their children from 6-9pm. 9pm was our midnight with a traditional countdown, noisemakers and confetti. How I cherish those memories! Now that the kids are grown, we have dinner with friends and end the night at home watching the 3 Stooges Marathon. Yes, I'm one of the few wives who appreciates the Stooges! After midnight I'll text my siblings to wish them Happy New Year. We have a lot of changes coming our way this year with our youngest graduating from High School and going off to college. Maybe next year we can watch the Stooges Marathon on a tropical island? :) Wishing everyone a very healthy New Year!    Laura Bullock, Director of Staging & Client Services

I spend every New Year's Eve with the same group of friends. We started out years ago as a coffee group when we had younger kids. As the kids got older and some of us went back to work, it became a book group at night. Then it became a "pretend you read the book" book group with wine. Now we don't even pretend and we are just a wine group!  Maureen Eliason, Transaction Manager

We really don't have a tradition per se. Our favorite years have been spent with close friends by our side... to ring in 2014 we celebrated our last New Year's in Beverly with our dear neighbors for an impromptu celebration that will be forever etched in my memory. This year we are spending the night at my best friend of 30 years' house! The kids will likely stay up too late playing and watching movies while the "grown-ups" laugh, play games and reminisce! Cheers to hoping this is the start of a tradition for our families.       Becky Gould, Director of Operations

I grew up in Brazil where the tradition is to dress head-to-toe in white to welcome the New Year (like a blank canvas for what life will bring us in the months to come.) We also party into the next day, which I'll be skipping this year to put my 2-month old baby to bed nice and early!         Thais Collins, Buyer's Specialist

Our tradition is simple. Spending quality time with family playing Pictionary, singing and dancing... with a few drinks, of course! Laura Ferrara, Buyer's Specialist

In our family we eat a nice warm bowl of Hoppin John while working on our dream boards. Our kids set two to three goals for the year which we write down on the poster board. We then decorate the boards with magazine cut outs, glitter glue, and stickers. Hoppin John is a traditional New Year's Day dish with black eyed peas, collard greens, and ham. It is supposed to bring good luck and wealth in the coming year. The black eyed peas represent coins and the collard greens paper money. It is so nice to hear the goals each of our three kids set for themselves and nice to have them in writing to remind them to work toward them throughout the year. Jessica Clark, Buyer's Specialist

One of my favorite recent memories with my own family was actually the year that June was a newborn....Life had changed dramatically! We went out to an early dinner just the 3 of us. We had just looked at the farmhouse for the first time and were so excited (and nervous) about the possibility of buying it. I'll never forget sketching plans on napkins that night and dreaming about the old house. The future felt so bright and exciting!  Fast forward to owning "Someday Farm" and realizing the realities of an old house, but we would not change a thing! We still spend time on New Year's planning goals for the family and business. And of course, we reminisce a lot about family and friends, especially those we were unable to visit with... making sure we plan to see them in the New Year! After all, it's the experiences shared with others that become the highlights of our years. Here is to a fantastic 2015!!     Suzanne Koller, Broker Partner