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Winter, a good time to buy!

imagebyline: Jessica Clark, Suzanne & Company Lead Buyer Specialist

While most people are intent on either escaping the cold or hunkering down with hot chocolate or tea at home, if you're thinking you'd like to make a move, the winter months can be a great time to buy.

First, there are fewer buyers looking in the cold months, so there's less competition for desirable properties. The multiple offer situations that have become the norm o the spring and summer real estate market are fewer. They do still exist but there tend to be fewer buyers in the mix, so prices are not being driven dramatically over the asking price.

If you have children, moving them into a new school can be an easier transition in the winter months when the neighborhood kids are around and they can meet their peers and make new friends. And winter is the halfway mark of the school year with new lesson plans rolling out, so your little ones shouldn't feel left behind with school projects either.

And with lower demand and fewer houses selling, scheduling is much easier for everything from the best home inspectors to the busiest moving companies.

Rates have been at historic lows and are predicted to rise in 2015 -- at the current low rates, your budget goes much further, helping you to afford more house for the money, so this is a big incentive.

And finally, while almost every home looks welcoming in the spring sunshine, it can be very helpful to view a home in the grayer, darker, colder month to ensure the house still feels homey and comforting to you and your family. Let's face it, you'll live in the house year-round -- not just in the warm sunny months!

Still have questions about buying in the winter, or want to know what's available? Reach out to us and we'll get you what you need to be happily settled into your new home in time to enjoy the warm spring and summer weather!

Jessica Clark is the lead buyer specialist at Suzanne & Company. She can be reached at or 978-985-0123.