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Celebrate Earth Day Locally at Fawn Lake

fawn-lakeAs the sun warms the spring soil and the final snow banks melt, I'm getting the urge to get back outside, enjoy the beauty of nature all around us and start digging -- just in time for Earth Day 2015, observed this year on Wed April 22, though activities are planned throughout the entire month (a schedule is posted here).

And right in our own backyard is a wonderful place to celebrate Earth Day -- Fawn Lake! A twelve-acre lake fed by three mineral springs, framed by an additional 25 acres of forests and walking trails, Fawn Lake has a long history of providing habitats and recreation to local residents as well as flora and fauna. The trails offer wonderful opportunities to walk your dog, bike, or go for a run. The open spaces beckon for picnics, playing ball or Frisbee, and bird watching, while the lake itself offers opportunities to boat, fish, and catch frogs.

Some of the finned, furry and feathered residents you may encounter include cranes, the great blue heron, mallard ducks, geese, mute swans, beavers, snapping turtles, and snails and frogs. And especially this time of year, it's such a treat to see the flowers and shrubs begin blooming. Be on the watch for lily of the valley, mountain laurel, bleeding heart, wild roses and wisteria. And of particular note are over 100 rare pink lady slippers which bloom in the spring by the large rock outcropping -- just be sure to enjoy them while you're there or by taking photographs -- they are a protected species and cannot be picked!

A committee was formed in 2014 to provide guidance and direction on how best to preserve and maintain this natural resource. Visit the Fawn Lake Facebook page and watch the local papers for updates on activities, volunteer opportunities, and options for saving this special place from turning into swamp land.

So get out of the house, enjoy the beauty right here in Bedford, and find the best way for you to participate in protecting this unique piece of nature. See you at the lake!