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Accessible bathroom remodel

Accessible_bathroomI did a series of presentations at the Bedford Council on Aging last year and one of the hot topics was strategies for homeowners to remain in their homes as long as safely possible, and one of the big considerations in that area is the accessibility of the bathroom. I know I groan inwardly when I think of those clunky grab bars and less-than-sophisticated design esthetics, but Michelle Puntillo of Puntillo Designs really opened my eyes to the new and stylish options available. And this bathroom remodel posted on Houzz  really brings home the point that accessible design is simply good design. Who wouldn't want that wonderful tiled walk-in shower in their home?

The reality is we're all getting older and as we begin caring for aging parents or contemplating setting down roots in our home communities, Michelle pointed out some simple adjustments that can have a big impact without major construction, including improving lighting (at 60 we need 20x more light to accomplish the same task as when we were 20!), adjusting handles on cabinets and doors, and creating a first floor bedroom.

Have you considered accessibility issues in your home or with your parents? What have you found makes the most difference?