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Best Indoor Plants to Help Clear the Air

After a hot summer, it's a treat to snuggle into warm sweaters and enjoy a warm drink by the fire, though I do really hate closing all the windows once we turn on the heat — the air gets stale and stuffy so quickly sometimes! And once I learned that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air, I grew truly reluctant to close my windows, especially since many of the culprits are the very things that make our indoor spaces cozy and bright — a fresh coat of paint, new carpets and furniture, and common cleaning products.

Luckily, a NASA-sponsored study determined the top indoor plants that do the most to clear the air of common volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and you can view the list here. I've kept an aloe growing in my house for years now to soothe sunburns — I had no idea it was also cleaning the air in my home of formaldehyde and benzene! And who knew spider plants and chrysanthemums were such hard workers, too?

Were you surprised by any of the plants included on this list? Any others you'd recommend? See you at the plant store!


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