Blog :: 04-2016

Spring Cleaning + Organizing Hacks

After an early start, it feels like spring is stalling a bit, but never fear — it is officially here! The longer days make me long to switch out of winter mode into spring and summer mode. And while the extra sunshine is energizing, the thought of “spring cleaning” can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d turn to our in-house experts for some [...]

For the Love of Barns

With New England's early agricultural history, barns are a regular architectural feature in our area ? some being used for their intended purpose, some re-purposed into space for living or recreation, and sadly, some slowly deteriorating where they stand. What is it about barns that is so darn appealing? I know I feel the pull to explore or [...]

Patriots Day Local History Comes to Life

While I realize history may not be everyone's favorite subject, being surrounded by so many historical sites and events really helps to bring it to life. And one of the best times to get a glimpse into Greater Boston's revolutionary heritage is Patriot's Day, which this year is April [...]