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Patriots Day Local History Comes to Life

Patriots Day in Greater BostonWhile I realize history may not be everyone's favorite subject, being surrounded by so many historical sites and events really helps to bring it to life. And one of the best times to get a glimpse into Greater Boston's revolutionary heritage is Patriot's Day, which this year is April 18.

Events began last Saturday with one of my favorites -- the Bedford Parade and Pole Capping ceremony, where a Minuteman proclaims freedom by shinnying up a 25-foot pole and putting a red cap on top of it in defiance of King George.

And the activity picks up again this weekend with reenactments, tours, and lectures throughout Lexington, Concord, Wayland, Sudbury and Boston. There are so many battles, skirmishes and commemorations happening, it's hard to choose a favorite, though I do have a special place in my heart for the pancake breakfasts in Lexington on Monday morning!

Do you celebrate the history of Patriots Day, or do you prefer to tune into the Marathon and support the runners and their causes?

For the historically minded, there are over 60 events through April 19 -- review the complete list, and prepare to get caught up in history!