Blog :: 10-2017

Suzanne's Spooktacular Halloween Haunts

As I take a moment to look up from my computer in my office in downtown Bedford, I glance out the window at the First Parish Church, the changing leaves of the large Maple tree on the common and a mother and her two small children walking on the sidewalk, I can’t help but reminisce about my childhood growing up in this wonderful town! I fondly remember the jail at Bedford Day, which we were happy to resurrect this year, I think of parades with floats, scouts, and militia, bike rides, school crushes, the prom stroll, trick or treating and the annual haunted house!  Back then it was held in the old town hall and I recall meeting my friends as we stood on the steps, anticipating being frightened by the ghosts and goblins that lurked within. We would scream with delight as we walked the haunted halls and cling to each other for support in laughter! [...]

The Great Pumpkin - Facts & Tips on Pumpkin Picking & Decorations

From lattes to chapstick and even pizza, the pumpkin spice craze has hit an all-time high this fall. But long before there was pumpkin pie, Growing up in the area, Suzanne and Company wanted to share with you some fun facts about pumpkins, the best local farms, and patches, as well as some of our favorite fall and pumpkin decorating tips.