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Happy Thanksgiving

 It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Your Nonna’s  stuffing recipe. The high school football game. Listening to Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song with your childhood friends … whatever your Thanksgiving tradition is, we hope that it is a special day for each one of you! We have had such an awesome year here at Suzanne  & Company and a lot of that has to do with the amazing women on our team. We all have our own Thanksgiving traditions and some  new beginnings. We thought we would take a moment to share  some with you and who knows, maybe you will find some inspiration  behind our festive favorites!

Jessica Clark, Lead Buyer Agent: “Our kids love to have everyone  write down one thing they are thankful for and we put each into a jar. We go around the table and pull them out to read aloud. It is fun seeing what everyone writes and guessing who wrote what.”

Thais Collins, Buyer Agent: "This will be our first Thanksgiving at our new home in Bedford, and it is also our first time as hosts! We are cooking up healthy but delicious recipes and look forward to roasting our very first turkey. By "look forward" I really mean I am slightly terrified of it turning into a bone-dry, Griswold-bird, haha!"

Brenda Catanzano, Buyer Agent: “I look forward to spending time with family that lives near and far this year. I am very thankful for a big crazy family and catching up with all.”

Beth Benker, Buyer Agent: “Since our first Thanksgiving in 2006 when Chris and I started dating, our families have had Thanksgiving dinner together. Having both sides of the family together is so much fun and takes the stress out of the day. There is no rushing to see other relatives as we are all together in the same spot. For this reason, it's my most favorite day.”

Nicole Donohoe, Buyer Agent: “My paternal grandmother is from Syria, so we have grown up eating many middle eastern dishes. At Thanksgiving we bake one of my favorite, known to us as Fatedeh or Sfeehas. These are wonderful, savory meat and spinach pockets. It has morphed over the years, but the prep always begins in the wee hours of the morning the day before Thanksgiving.”

Andrea Gray, Buyer Agent Transaction Coordinator: “We take our 4 boys to the Burlington vs. Lexington football game every year.”

Maureen Eliason, Listings Manager: “I am looking forward to celebrating the engagement of my niece and her fiancé with a champagne toast this Thanksgiving! I can't wait to hear about all the planning details for their May 2019 wedding. Our family is growing in a wonderful way and we are all very excited!”

Becky Venuti, Director of Operations: “Each year my oldest brother and I share in the cooking of recipes passed down from our grandma.  We each took meticulous notes, when she was alive, on how to make her stuffing … and of course our notes are completely different! Ha! We laugh every year in deciding which version of grandma’s Italian stuffing we will make!”

Suzanne, Team Owner & Listing Agent: “Since our traditional Koller Thanksgiving has shifted to Saturday, Ryan and I have started hosting a bit! We have a new tradition where we ride the quad over to our neighbor’s house and fry our turkey in his fryer. It tastes so good!! In the future, I look forward to hosting a big crowd out in the barn, for a real farmhouse Thanksgiving!! 

From all of us at Suzanne & Company, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your traditions be wonderful and your new beginnings … well, not be a Griswold Turkey!

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