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Littleton MA High SchoolOriginally a farming community, today Littleton is a booming town. Littleton is famous for its apple orchards and is the producer of some of the finest apples in the Northeast.

Strict building codes are enforced on new construction housing in order to keep the integrity of the area. There are also those antique, historic homes that have been restored and are wonderful reminder of this lovely town’s roots.

A quick jaunt will get you into Boston, for an evening at the symphony, or a play, the ballet, or perhaps a sporting event. With Boston so close, the whole world is at your fingertips!

Littleton is very environmentally conscious and has created several trails and nature preserves. From farming to orchards, from Boston to Littleton, there is something here for the whole family to enjoy. A fun, busy lifestyle can be evened out with the tranquility of the town.

Incorporated as a Town in 1715
Approx. Population – 8,000

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