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Maynard MA Downtown Located in Central Eastern Massachusetts, bordered by Stow on the West and Southwest, Acton on the North, Concord on the Northeast, and Sudbury on the East and Southeast. Maynard is 25 miles Northwest of Boston, 24 miles from Worcester, and 18 miles from Lowell.

The town is only 5.3 square miles with 10,300 people. It is ethnically diverse with a history of industrial development. Aesthetically, Maynard is both rural and suburban, with a well-defined commercial downtown, open space, condominiums and single-family homes as well as multi-family homes utilized by the Woolen Mills. This September 27, 2015 article from The Boston Globe demonstrates the support and generosity displayed by this community.

From its roots in the 1800′s Maynard has had a close relationship with its businesses. At the center of downtown is the Mill complex, once humming with sounds of wool looms, then Digital Equipment Corporation’s corporate headquarters and birthplace of the minicomputer, and now the home of 70+ technology, service, and manufacturing companies. Within a 4-minute walk lies the entire central business district — complete with services, restaurants, and stores ready for your patronage.

Incorporated as a Town in 1871
Approx. Population – 10,300

Maynard MA Relocation Information:

  • Maynard Schools: (978) 897-2222
  • Maynard (Assabet Valley) Chamber of Commerce: (978) 568-0360
  • Town of Maynard Website

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