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Suzanne & Company is uniquely positioned to serve all your residential real estate needs with an experienced and knowledgeable team, which includes a listing agent/broker, three buyer specialists, a transaction manager, a director of team operations, a staging consultant, and a team of marketing consultants to offer support and guidance. Our team members grew up, work and live in the communities they serve and are dedicated to preserving the highest possible quality of life while assisting you and your family via our five divisions: Historic Homes, New Construction, Luxury Homes, Buyer Services, and Staging, Design and Concierge Services.

Our expertise is backed by the powerhouse support of Keller Williams Realty Inc., the largest real estate franchise and #1 training company in the United States.

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Preparing for winter in New England - 10.01.2015

Fall is in the air with cooler nights and the first hint of the leaves turning color -- can you feel it? While I know it's a busy time with school activities, sports, and business trips, some basic home maintenance now can make a big difference, saving you headaches AND money when the cold weather arrives. [...]

Great dining now available north of Boston! - 09.25.2015

As much as I love living in Bedford, one of the downsides for many years was having to fight traffic and pay outlandish prices for parking in Boston to enjoy a nice dinner someplace that wasn't a chain restaurant. While that's been slowly changing, we seem to have reached a critical mass with a wave [...]