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Bedford MA real estate team at Suzanne & Company, Keller Williams



We're a tight-knit team dedicated to our clients, providing deep-rooted insights to Greater Boston

Suzanne & Company is uniquely positioned to serve all your residential real estate needs with an experienced and knowledgeable team — a listing agent/broker, three buyer specialists, a transaction manager, a director of team operations, a staging consultant, and a team of marketing consultants to offer support and guidance. Our team members grew up, work and live in the communities they serve and are dedicated to preserving the highest possible quality of life while assisting you and your family via our five divisions: Historic HomesNew ConstructionLuxury Homes, Buyer Services, and Staging, Design and Concierge Services.

We proudly service Greater Boston and its towns -

Arlington | Lincoln | Concord | Bedford | Lexington | and more...

Our expertise is backed by the powerhouse support of Keller Williams Realty Inc., the largest real estate franchise and #1 training company in the United States.

Contact us for all your buying and selling needs in the Greater Boston area.


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